Zach Randolph: Will he play basketball ever again?

Grizzlies coaches are suspicious as Zach Randolph goes into his MRI if he’ll ever be in playing shape again.

Once a pretty good player, thanks to his MCL tear, Coach Lionel Hollins expressed his doubt if he will ever be allowed to play for the NBA again. “I love Z-Bo, but his knee. It looks […]



Where’s a Good Place To Get A Sandwich

Vine Ripe gets the Vibe Right

Listen. Today I went to Steak and Shake, a famous restaurant. And we all decided, y’know what let’s try out the Pepperjack Melt. I ordered it, and went “hmmmm… this could get really good!”. Then it came. The first thing I thought was, “whoa, look at that, there’s a […]

Just You Wait!

Soon we will be starting a brand new, not even out yet podcast, and this page will be the source of all of those days. Not to mention at least one other brand new not even out yet podcast that we’re sure to mention here sometimes. But until then, take a listen to our old […]

H.A.M. — Hungry as a Motha*****

[Audio clip: view full post to listen]

Lee, Mitch, Trver, and Charlie all sat down to enjoy a nice Christmas dinner. Halfway through, whilst consuming the delectable pink ham and assorted side dishes of equal taste epicosity, they realized that it was awesome! And they were like, “It’s only fitting if we do a rap […]

Spencer LaBute’s Songs for the Insane

Someone Right Now Is Thinking Of You, Someone Right Now Is Thinking Of Me by Spencer LaBute’s Songs for the Insane

The Man HIMSELF says: “do you like to listening to white noise, spoken word, tv/radio commercials, shoegaze, beeping noises, feedback, and/or solo acoustic bass played through computerized fuzz pedals? can’t seem to find a […]

Wyld Katz

I Am A Miner by Wyld Katz

Wyld Katz is a project started by Charlie and Spencer.

Wyld Katz creates concept albums really fast. No rehearsal, no song-writing. Just hit record.

Some of the songs are truly awful, but usually in a charming way. Some songs are actually good! and catchy!

Right now, 5 albums […]

David and Kevin

David and Kevin.

These are hecks of good guys. And their music is also super jam.

Check out this cool stuff. Let’s say you’ve been listening to other music on this site, and you think,

“HMMMM… I like this, it had good ideas, but the execution is awful. Why didn’t they work harder?”

Well then […]

Charlie’s Winter Term Project 2010

Check out the Track List! Download as a .zip

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At Oberlin College, where Charlie went to college, there is a winter term. People do internships or whatever. It’s cool. Charlie has done independent projects all 3 years. In 2010, he decided to record a song a day […]