Wyld Katz

Wyld Katz is a project started by Charlie and Spencer.

Wyld Katz creates concept albums really fast. No rehearsal, no song-writing. Just hit record.

Some of the songs are truly awful, but usually in a charming way. Some songs are actually good! and catchy!

Right now, 5 albums are available.   Bandcamp

  1. Pigskin Party– About football, this album was the first attempt by Wyld Katz. Conceived, written and recorded within two hours after Charlie’s dad left to go to a high school football game. We were done before he got back. Chinese Democracy took many years.
  2. The Minor’s Plight– This album, recorded the next day, tackles the sometimes glamorous, sometimes tragic life of a diamond miner. Chiiil
  3. Gender Studies– Is it about Gender? Is it about babies? It’s kind of ambiguous. But, what’s not ambiguous, is that this was the first album to involve new members. Trevor, Adam, and Lee all perform. That means more than 2 instruments! You can decide if that’s good or not. Also Trent was there, and he is a cute high schooler.
  4. WAR– The name says it all. But not really. Importantly, only the first side of WAR has been recorded and released. So, look forward to more WAR later. Features new KATZ Timmy! Timmy Forever!
  5. Dearest Pen Pal– The newest project is almost tragic. Since college has separated Charlie and Spencer with an ocean, they are recording music a la the Postal Service, or LMFAO, and sending it to each other. Except really they just upload them by themselves. But, this is a work in project. You can watch it grow. (WARNING: at some point this will be done. So this will be a lie. whatever though.)

We really hope you like it. And we get it if you don’t. But, if you really like it, you can pay whatever you want for the albums. But you can totally get them for free. We’re not that cocky.

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