Where’s a Good Place To Get A Sandwich

Vine Ripe gets the Vibe Right

Listen. Today I went to Steak and Shake, a famous restaurant. And we all decided, y’know what let’s try out the Pepperjack Melt. I ordered it, and went “hmmmm… this could get really good!”. Then it came.
The first thing I thought was, “whoa, look at that, there’s a special cup with extra Jalapeños! Perfect!” Then I just put the peppers on top of the sourdough bread, and then decided, wait! bad idea, but put the peppers inside so they don’t fall out! This is where the sandwich really came in droves. As I lifted the upper slice of bread, I was -get this- astonished to see that the mayo holds on the lettuce to the top bun, allowing you to just lift up the bun with little to no mess! If you’ve ever tried to add something to a grilled cheese, you know how hard it is to open it, and I am often worried that melts will have this property as well. But this was fine. I then took my first bite! Wow! A+ I love that tomato! It’s vine-ripened! I Love IT! Listen McDonalds. Steak and Shake is coming in the running, because I’m loving this sandwich, especially the tomato. Wow! Wow! Wow!
There is a negative though. According to my after dinner research, this sandwich has 140% your daily value of Fat. And they don’t even tell you. C’mon Steakers! Let us know when your sandwich is so chubby. But I can’t stay Mad! YUM!

20 stars.

Hit the Road, Pepperjack!

by Adam Bosarge

Steak ‘n’ Shake’s new item, the Pepperjack melt, is a one-hit homer. Two crisped breads envelop S’n’S’s signature steakburger patty with grilled onions, pepperjack cheese, jalapenos, and lettuce and tomato. And may I say,,,,,,,,, wow! A good way to end your day and the best way to start your meal, sandwiches overindulge nothing, but give you everything you need in terms of the pyramid of happy health. There’s something to be said about spiciness: it can heat up ANY day, no matter how CHILLING or BLUE! But the spices of the pepperjack melt are even greater. These are trade spices. These spices have been imported via boat-borne cask from the hottest indies to the midwestern swath of American country. In every bite you can taste that the whole world gave up their finest ingredients (Europe: cheese, Asia: Spices, Africa: Jalapenos, America: Burgers, Australia: the bombast required to put ’em all together) to create this perfect sandwich.
But: even the absolute best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Unbeknownst to such musicians as Yanni and Gang Gang Dance, you can’t just combine all the fruits of the world into one fatty stew. The results are a jumbled mess. I guess what I’m saying is that the pepperjack melt lacks focus. It needs to prioritize, find out what it’s going for, and reach for it. Hell, don’t we all?
There are also fries.


I just tried the Pepperjack Melt at Steak & Shake tonight with some of my friends and I just thought I should give you all some basis of understanding when it comes to this all-star sub sandwich. First of all, I should mention that I got mine sans tomato, and with added bacon. First bite — melty and buttery. Not much real ‘taste’. Second bite — so good!!! Third bite — so many peppers… Fourth bite: done. This sub overall was yeah, pretty good but you should not get it because it is really fat.

On Second Thought: Maybe Fuck that

Hey, it’s your dude Charlie again. I did the vine ripe one before. Clever right? It was a good sandywich! yum! but here’s the deal. Maybe there’s some regional shit, or maybe there’s a different recipe at every different steak and shake, and corporate just gives them a product name, and then franchise dudes are just like, sure, we’ll figure out what would be like that. Or maybe there’s a picture, and they just try to guess what was in it? All of these are possible, no probable, hell even definite. So here’s the real deal. I enjoyed a Chicago Pepperjack melt a few weeks ago, and it was like yum yum yum. And it didn’t taste as fatty as it was, but that makes sense, cuz like maybe in New York or something, they have a version that is mostly eggs. (Eggs are fatty right? I’m not a nutritionist.) So yeah. It was good. Here’s where it gets weird. Are you ready?

You’d better be ready I don’t want to scare any children or anything. Also if your kids are reading this, make sure you’re cool with all the swears I’ve said being shown to them. Cuz like that is a thing parents care about. But Let’s GO!

I got one in the Cleveland area. I was at the steak and shake. and I was trying to choose, and the waitress came over, and I totally blanked and freaked out, and was just like ok Pepperjack melt. I was super pumped though. Then it came to the table, and I thought, huh? What is this? Because GET THIS! It was a little smaller, and way messier than my first one. Sure, last time we went, we talked about how we were going to be food critics right before we ordered, to get them to make us great food. Also we had just came up with the idea. But it’s chill. But last time it was delicious. This was some average bullshit. Also, I don’t even think it had the same number of patties. Which is weird, right? So while you may have read our reviews and gotten pumped, and are still pumped, ask them if they can make the Pepperjack melt in the “Chicago-style” or specifically the “South Barrington near AMC style.” Thanks dudes. 8 stars? **********

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