Zach Randolph: Will he play basketball ever again?

Grizzlies coaches are suspicious as Zach Randolph goes into his MRI if he’ll ever be in playing shape again.

 Once a pretty good player, thanks to his MCL tear, Coach Lionel Hollins expressed his doubt if he will ever be allowed to play for the NBA again.
“I love Z-Bo, but his knee. It looks really really bad. It’s swollen, and bruised and feels kinda floppy. I don’t know if we still have a place for him on the Grizzlies.”
The Grizzlies staff are reportedly in talks with Dallas to make a trade for Star Up and coming center Ian Mahinmi. Hollins had this to say about him:
“Mahinmi is really fucking great! He is super friendly too. Now I’d love to have him on Memphis’ roster. It’s gonna be great.”
Yahoo said:
“Though the Grizzlies announced Randolph is expected to be out eight weeks from the time of his injury, Hollins said he doesn’t expect his star forward back this season. Even if Randolph does return, it could be difficult to reincorporate him after such a long layoff.”
If I was a fantasy coach I would get rid of Z-bo way fast, and pick up Mahinmi. Even if it risked a star player. In a few years, we won’t remember Kevin Durant, or Dwight Howard, but we will remember the name Ian Mahinmi.

Will we see Ian in blue?

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