Collection of Charlie’s songs, Circa 2009

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This is a pretty weird collection of songs. There’s a bunch not really just written by Charlie, but with help from other friends. Adam collaborated a lot, there’s a few boysounds songs. There’s a song that Ben sorta wrote on his own. It’s all fun and games. These […]

Ben’s Christmas CDs

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In 2009, some of us decided to make a goofy Christmas CD for our friend Ben.

In 2010, we kept up the tradition.

In 2011, it’s should be done soon. Just be patient. It’s also not for ben.

These have cool Christmas carols, and songs about Ben. Check […]

Welcome to Hulagarbage

It may be hard for all of you to arrive at your favorite website and find that it is weird and lame looking and boring.

It was probably way worse when none of it was working at all.

It is probably just disappointing, since this is probably not your favorite website and you just wanted […]