New Posts? Updates? Does this rock? Cool Things?

Hello fans,

Hello friends,

You may be wondering where to go for new posts from us Hula Garbage dudes. Also, you may be curious, where are new posts? Are they happening? Aren’t all those dudes kinda busy with school right now?

I won’t lie to you. That’s somewhat true. I know I am very busy with school, and don’t have as much time as I would like to give to this website. But that isn’t stopping me from writing this. So it shouldn’t stop you from rereading your old favorite posts.

Maybe you’d be interested in some other online stuff.


What is a Tumblr? Why is there no ‘e’? Is that a good thing or a bad thing or harmless? Is it ruining our favorite language, English? Changing English in a fun goofy way that we can all jam with? Or is it neither a move in either direction, and just a fad? Who knows?

But we have some Tumblrs that you might like to read.

Real Funny Junk Charlie Says: This blog, created by Charlie’s friend Victoria (successful tumblrer) chronicles a lot of funny stuff he said a couple of years ago. She doesn’t post anymore, because she “respects Charlie as a person, now.” I think it seems more likely, that it’s like the Bushism books, which stopped getting published as much as people just got scared.

Reel Thoughts: This blog is as close as you are going to get to Charlie emoting on the internet. Updates are most common, but also totally dumb. A fun game is clicking on this blog, and then the first one, and seeing how bad this one is relatively. Really, you can just click on any of these next few blogs as examples of how not to make a blog.

Pickles Instead of Hot Dogs: This is a new blog and it is cool! Unfortunately, since Charlie’s computer crashed, he doesn’t have photoshop, so there are going to be few posts until he gets a new hard drive.

Things of Me: Adam’s blog. I think it’s fair to say that Pens and Things reviewer, Matt7007, was perhaps most accurate when he said: “This should be listened  too [read, watched, etc.] as a study for how NOT to run a podcast!!! [blog!!!, webcam!!!, skype account!!, etc.]” We’re really good at being really bad.


But, don’t worry. We’ll still keep posting quality posts here. Cool stuff that you as people might want to read. It’s gonna be a goodyear.

We have great stuff coming up. Stay busy.

-Charlie “Your Pal” O’Hara

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