The newest Wyld Katz album, VACATION is here. Along with the finished version of Dearest Pen Pal. It’s going to be really fun to listen to this album by yourself or with your friends. It features some new musicians. This is Wyld Katz rock album. If you’ve ever thought Wyld Katz needs to be more guitar driven, this is for you.

It’s a special gift for a birthday boy.

Also, check out the other albums. If you don’t know, Wyld Katz is a band started by Spencer and Charlie, where we come up with concept albums, and tracklists, and then improvise all the songs on the album. So that means there are some bummers. That means there are some mistakes. That means there are some buzzes and recording mishaps. But there’s also some gold.

LIke it or love it, whatever.

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