Episode 7: Tips that Scientists Hate!

On this episode we face the facts and try to figure out what tips scientists love and which one’s scientists hate! We also take on most of the big issues.


Episode 6: Doggis vs. Mules

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This episode sure is a rush. We start it and end it in record time, because uh oh look at that, Charlie’s on vacation! Enjoy though. You guys deserve it.


Episode 5: Taking a Huge Shower with Murray Tang

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This one goes out to the nerds.


Double Dose — Prom King & Dry Bonez

This is it! Here! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Double Dose

Episode 4: CabinCast

On this episode, Charlie goes up north, and visits with old friends: Mitch, Trevor, and Mac, and meets new Friend Ryan. It gets spooky, and also kinda dark, and also pretty political. Enjoy


Episode 3: Cost of Living

Adam and Charlie talk about some important things, like the cost of living in different cities. We get to answer some Twitter Questions, and we perform some plays, and later talk to the playwrights involved