RMG The Podcast! Episode 2: The Broadcast

Mitch and Ryan are on a roll! Episode 2 is tons of fun — we try out some new segments, including a final segment that isn’t the last segment. We have a great friend along for the ride, and talk about how bad he is with women. Some things just don’t go the way you […]

Episode 11: Location Location Vacation

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On the recentest episode of Pilot Season, Adam and Charlie explore the people they live with, and the up and coming candle making industry. It’s one of the Skeeviest episodes of Pilot Season, but it’s OK!


Our Podcasts!

Hey Everyone,

The Hula Garbage guys have a number of podcasts you might be interested in listening to.

We think you guys will love them.

Hawaiian Feeling

Aloha! Adam Bosarge, Johnny Fabrizio, Evan Loritsch, and Anthony Sanders are straight-up chatters moving mountains with words. The natural world shrinks in fear. If you […]

Introducing: RMG The Podcast!


So Mitch bought a microphone, and suddenly he thinks he can jump right into the podcast game. Well he did. Now it’s just up to him and Ryan Greene to see how far they can go!

But seriously though — Give this new podcast a listen and feel free to respond to Mitch or Ryan […]

Episode 10: All The Music You Want For Free

On this episode Charlie, Adam and Spencer get down to business. Mucius Scaevola is talked about but forgotten The Cuyahoga river really burned in the 1960s We rock.


Episode 9: Now You Owe God a Dog

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20 Podcasts in one! Adam takes architecture, colonization, and faith to task. Charlie really rips on Brett Rattner, and then we all take a nap. This episode is full of information.


Episode 8: Adamsode

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Charlie and Adam hang out together and talk about all the weird news in the world! It’s a fun time and you’ll love it and I promise that!