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Hey Everyone,

The Hula Garbage guys have a number of podcasts you might be interested in listening to.

We think you guys will love them.

Hawaiian Feeling

Aloha! Adam Bosarge, Johnny Fabrizio, Evan Loritsch, and Anthony Sanders are straight-up chatters moving mountains with words. The natural world shrinks in fear. If you like laughing but can’t figure out what to laugh at or with, you can’t afford not to listen. Aloha!

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Trust Us

When Charlie and Mitch moved to L.A. and started taking improv classes, they started a whole new podcast with all the best parts of Pilot Season, and RMG the podcast. This show helps you out with your terrible problems by giving you advice and talking to crazier characters than you for their input. The first season came to a close with a nuts birthday party, and you’re next! The second season is a holiday extravaganza featuring dozens of funny improvisors!

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Retired Hula Garbage Productions

Pilot Season

Pilot Season was hosted by Adam and Charlie. This podcast lasted a few weeks longer than a year, and all the episodes together last slightly longer than 100 hours. As a finale, Adam, Charlie, Tim, and Spencer were joined by other friends for Tolstoy’s Universe Tolstoy Would Be Happy Here, a famous 27-hour podcast marathon, which is the most recent 14 episodes of this show on the feed. Check out the other 54 episodes as well, there’s a lot of good ones.

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RMG The Podcast

RMG The Podcast was a really fun show, hosted by classic dudes Mitch and Ryan. They bring a crazy Rocky Mountain twist on the classic podcast format. If you’ve ever wondered what low oxygen content in the air makes people talk like, check out this!

These dudes talk about all sorts of things. The first episode talks about both poop and sports! Like the TV show The League, there’s some good football jokes, but like there’s also soooo many normal people jokes too, so if you are a classic podcast nerd, you could still love this stuff. Enjoy!

Pens And Things

Last, but really first, is the podcast that started it all. Pens and Things. Adam, Charlie, Trevor, and Mac started Pens and Things in 2008 when they were juniors and sophomores in High School. There’s over 30 episodes, and over 50 hours (2 days) of podcasts, and some of it is really audible and doesn’t sound that bad. If you are bored and don’t know what else to do, this isn’t a bad place to start if you wanna hear cute kids, or a couple precociously good jokes.

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