Episode 15: Micky P’s Expanding Wasteland

Trevor comes to play for a whole day from far away and we really rock it out! Mob Bosses from all around the Big City, Chicago and really rule! You gotta love the whole time we record it because it sounds so good!



RMG 6: The Humancast

Surprise! We made another episode! Things just get weirder and weirder over at RMG the Podcast. We hope it’s okay for you.

Featuring more tunes from Wyld Katz!

Get pumped for the big halloween episode coming up next!


RMG 5: The Chocolast

This episode relies on you, the listener!

Danny Love is back for more, and Mitch tries out some new transition music. #ItGetsBetter






Episode 14: Flu Season

While Adam is sick, Ben and Kevin come and try to help Charlie pick up the slack. I don’t think they make it. They don’t. But Adam and Charlie Chat more and it’s fun Next Week we’ll have a great episode!


RMG 4: The Hang-Overcast

All the boys are in one boat. And that boat is probably a house boat because they totally throw a house party. Uh-oh!

Featuring music by Wyld Katz and “R.I.Pet” by Leave Me Alone Mom











Episode 13: Things Fall Apart

People say 13 is an unlucky number, and they’re not all wrong. Literally the weirdest episode of Pilot Season, probably ever. This episode may make you uncomfortable. We’re hella sorry about that. But this is what happened.

We have tons of guests that are nice like Brennan and Spencer and Erik and Anthony.

You’ll like […]

Respect Me, Girl! The Podcast

Guess what, RMG The Podcast is now on iTunes! How neat is that?

In Episode 3 we have a real-life girl on, and her name is Melanie Rose Yagelski. Her last name is ugly so don’t talk about it. Our buddy Travis Smith shows up, so I guess he’s a guest, but it was sort […]

Episode 12: Art Is Everywhere

Pilot Season Logo

Adam checks in from Zimmerman Heights, and Adam, Charlie, and special guest Brennan, really face a ton of issues. What is really happening in the world? Why do we have gutters? Who knows!`