Episode 20: Finally, The Social Cavalry Has Arrived

For the third week in a row, Adam and Charlie talk for a very long time sincerely about what they like and dislike. This time, we also talk about tropes, the music industry, and get to the bottom of why Charlie likes rap and Adam likes jazz. Next episode we promise to be more fun.


Episode 19: The Autumn of The Week

Adam and Charlie make each other play some games that they don’t really wanna play in order to celebrate Thanksgiving in Maui, America’s first holiday.

If you listen very carefully you can hear friend of the show Erik getting a haircut!


RMG 9: The Bro-cast

Mitch and EJG just pretty much hang out.


Episode 18: The Most Interesting Person I Have Never Met

This one’s a real doozie. Adam and Charlie talk for a long time about all the things they think about movies and also about TV and a little more, and there’s some laughs, so don’t worry. It’s worth getting to the end of.


RMG 8: The Bonuscast

New guests! Old friends! This episode of RMG is coming to you sooner than the weekend, because we’ve got another one in store! But don’t let that take away from this episode, because boy is it fun. We’ve got new guests! old fun! Similar jokes from previous episodes! Enjoy


Episode 17: Goin To Class

On this episode, Adam and Charlie take it down a level, and really analyze a lot of things that have been going on in the world, both electorally and personally. I think you will learn some things, and also enjoy some things about this episode.


RMG 7: The Trick-or-Podcast

Mitch and Ryan over at RMG decided they would pass on the candy in order to do a special Halloween episode! There are some crazy new guests on this one, and everyone has a fun time despite being frightened.

Halloween dubstep! Corn Mazes! Wienerschnitzel! Frostbite! BOO!


Episode 16: It’s a Halloween Podcast

Some weird stuff happens in this episode. We haven’t listened to it yet, but it’s definitely what should happen on a night as dark as this! I’m still shaking. There’s cool big surprises from the very beginning to the very end.