Bonus for the Holidays


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Episode 23: Suitcase Full of Software

On this episode Adam and Charlie take on some huge cultural strikes. Coolest Person in the world, little talent shows, mixtape reviews, writing books. Also there’s a variety of interesting and first time guests in the studio including Jenna, Rajiv, Nnamdi, and a whole new Kevin! Plus Brennan comes back for his special B-day!

Episode 22: Modern Profits

Charlie and Adam have David back, and the chat gets a little crazy. Adam has to lay down some moderation this morning. Mitch pops by, and so does spencer. And there’s some more expert testimony. Also, debates are had about all the artforms pretty much.

Episode 21: Justin Timberlake has a Myspace

Adam and Charlie get out of the clubhouse and meet David and Tim. The guys talk all about internets, sodas, and they hear from friend of the show and the cast Mitch! If you’re into everything, this will be great for you.