Episode 28: That One First, Then That One, Then That One

On this episode, Adam and Charlie speak to Spencer about all sorts of NERDY things, like how good Source Code is, and also how they used to and are still nerds kinda. OOPS


Season 2: RMG in Two-Oh-One-Three

The Colorado boys are back and crazier than ever! It’s a brand new year, so to kick off Season 2, Mitch, Ryan, Danny Love, and Travis think back on fun times, imagine some fun times ahead, and play some hilarious games! New season — same great taste.




Episode 27: That’s Actually Emotion That You’re Seeing

Adam and I are here with Spencer and go to a special world, Up North@! The sun is there and so is candy! yes it is real and it is good


Episode 26: First Class Coach

On this madhouse episode of one of our favorite show, Adam and Charlie talk to Mitch and Lee and Kevin about the judicial branch and some other nuts stuff. Wanna find out where in the world our kids are?


Episode 25: Griswald? So British!

Hey this episode it’s a classic time, with adam and also Mitch. Get ready for some unedited raunchy conversation!


Episode 24: Largest Known Creature

Adam’s out for the week, but some cool dudes like Mac, Trevor, Mitch and Kevin come back to talk to Charlie about the new year. Everybody makes some guesses.