Episode 32: Tryptophan is a Lie

Adam and Charlie are joined by real guy and nice friend Anthony, and it’s a keyboard episode. This one goes kinda nuts, and it’s really long but hopefully you will still like it and then you’ll listen to it all day.


2.04: RMG and the Hunt for Cheesy Garlic Bread Lays

Mitch, Ryan, Travis, and Danny Love discuss the pros and cons of staying sober.

Then they try to get some chips. But things go horribly wrong!

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Episode 31: Goin To Vegas

On this episode, Adam is finally back and he and Charlie and Spencer go on a weird trip where they see Mitch for a while but lose Spencer, and after that they try to keep it together but it’s hard, harder than you’d think it could be. They try hard, but sometimes your hardest isn’t […]

Episode 30: Chillin with Charlie

On this episode, everyone is gone but Charlie, so I chill.


2.03: Beats by RMG

Everyone has headphones now! Mitch and Ryan talk about some classic pranks with Travis and Danny Love, then do some improv with returning guest Melanie Rose! Roman numerals, Razor scooters, pocketfuls of pennies, and more!

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Episode 29: A Chance Boner

Trevor, Spencer, and Ben replace the little guy Adam and have a great time. What do we talk about? All sorts of stuff, little bit of this, little bit of that, porn, soda, planes, fun. It’s a dream.


2.02: RMG, Date Me!

Get ready to enjoy the fantastic new dating game, RMG Date Me! The guys have some fun, play some WYR, and Pilot Season host Charlie stops by to review the podcast!