Episode 36: Kim.com

On this episode, there is a whole bunch of total nutsos here, and we try to record a Wyld Katz album, in one messed up crossover. Some parts go great, and some parts do not. Good Night.


MEGA – The Kim.com Story by Wyld Katz


Episode 35: I’ve Been Living in the Past

Adam and Charlie present The Show from a live studio audience, and some of the people are total goofs. Do you like them?


Episode 34: Sometimes Always Never

t’s just Adam and Charlie having an important conversation. I hope you understand what they are saying, because sometimes it gets hard to hear them.


2.06: RMG Snorts Miley Cyrus

The bros at RMG act like real douches as they prepare for Spring Break. It ends up getting them in a TON of trouble. They really ask for it!

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Episode 33: Give Up Now

On this episode, Charlie, Adam, Spencer, and Trevor talk about all sorts of things, fucked up and realistic. What’s really in the news? Who knows. Also most importantly, breaking news on the lineup leaks for this years lollapalooza! Get psyched.


2.05: RMG Hits the Gym

Mitch, Ryan, and the boys at RMG discuss all the fun weirdos you can see at the gym, and Danny Love talks to a girl!

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