Episode 40: Trust Me, I’m an EMT

On this episode, it’s a keyboard episode, so Adam, Charlie, and Spencer make some noise while they talk. It sounds fine. Also maybe some classic segments make a triumphant return like Spencer’s Cool Fresh News, and Hollywood Stinkers. And also did you know about the important Xmen updates? Get Ready, Get Set, here they come


Episode 39: Huh, I Could Just Sleep Right Now

Man, I bet you never thought the guys would go around rating eachother’s outfits again. But They did! Listen to Adam, Charlie, and Spencer, as they take on the news, shoes, foods, and new products that’ll sate your desire for what you’re looking for. Wow. What a hit!


Episode 38: The Red Episode

What’s the skinny on this fresh new ep? Adam and Charlie talk about all sorts of imported stuff! Like it, or don’t. It’s got a lot of the classic Pilot Season bits, fan interaction, childhood chat, and like racism talk.


Episode 37: Time is like an L.A. Street

On this special April episode of Pilot Season, Adam and Charlie are joined by their friend and ours, Spencer. The guys chat about terrible things that happened to Charlie, get enravelled in a terrible time wave, and find out something new about movies. How could they keep a show like this going?