Episode 45: Alea Iacta Est

Nobody would have thought that Adam and Charlie would get back into the studio so soon just like this, but they did! Eventually Trevor showed up! If you listen really carefully you can hear other people talking upstairs! Adam reads all of his phone notes! Charlie eats chips! Horray


Episode 44: Do You Think That’s Just Phones?

On this episode of Pilot Season, Adam, Charlie, Tim and Tony talk about all sorts of stuff. An important theme of this episode is Digital get downs! I hopes you like it.


Episode 43: There’s a Rusty One and I Licked It

Tim finally shows up again and Adam Charlie Spencer and him talk about all sorts of stuff. Eventually we get to the nuts news and then get super hype and super fancy. Have you ever wanted to be fancy? This show will teach you how to be kinda fancy.


Episode 42: Jackro Tull

On this eppy, Adam, Spencer and Charlie talk about what the future really means for them and the listeners. Also Adam shows everyone a really cool New Yorker interview. Plus we put it all out to Jackie Robinson. Shouts out to everyone!


Episode 41: That’s It For An Animal

On this episode, Adam, Spencer, Charlie, and Anthony chat all about pain and love. We analyze life, music, tunes, and pets. Also how can we make fast pitches that’ll keep the debit brothers busy. Plus returns of many popular segments.