Episode 53: Smartest Guy In The World

On this episode, Adam and Charlie get really down to business trying to figure out what really makes rays work as well as they do.


Episode 52: My Body’s Incorrect

On the first episode of the second year of Pilot Season, Adam and Charlie bring the show back to its classic roots of two friends talking about too many things in too short a time! Hopefully you love it.


Episode 51: Russia Just Got New Clocks

On this special year end wrap up episode of Pilot Season, Adam and Charlie are joined by their little friend Trevor, a nice new grad, and a bunch of fun segments. You will love this episode if you like any of our episodes.


Episode 50: This is a Ton of Gigs of Loops

On the special fiftiest episode, Adam Charlie and Spencer get really serious with really cool vibes. A zen lifestyle will make you feel a lot better if you are stressed or kind of wild so give it a shot if you have the time, it’s shouts out to you and your children here from the […]