TUTWBHH 12: I Woulda Done Anything To Have Known Him

On this episode, as the end ekes closer every moment, Adam and Charlie talk to Dylan. The Dark Darkest Darker crew have a weird little thing. And Adam and Charlie think about movies they’ve seen, and psalms and heaven! mmm mmm good


TUTWBHH 11: Is That Why You Want All Those Wallets?

In this episode at the tail end of the lengthy podcast marathon, the guys do a quick play (quick and do are strong words. They start a way too long shitty play). It’s ok. Then they do Dark Darkest Darker, and talk to spencer a little.In this episode at the tail end of the lengthy […]

TUTWBHH 10: I Don’t Dare Lie

The sun rises, and 18 hours into the podcast marathon, the guys are still pushing hard. In this segment they consider islands, have a brief trial for Charlie that ends in pain, talk to their good friend John and deliberate on what the best ways to never meet anyone are, also why should you sleep […]

TUTWBHH 9: A Nuts Thing That Happens To Almonds

After 16 hours of the Pilot Season podcast marathon the guys are straight up exhausted. They finish Magic Magic, delve into the dark, darkest and darker, visit Tuscany, and listen to “Where’s Your Head At”. Hopefully they’ll get hyped up soon by the rising sun.


TUTWBHH 8: Magic Magic

On a very whatever installment of the 27-hour radio marathon, Half Milk gives a sleep performance of most of one of their great songs from Kept Mang, and the guys watch the Chilean-American thriller film Magic Magic, while sometimes giving commentary. Wheu. You can skip this one if you’d like.