Crucible Radio Ep. #6 – Bones Thugs & Destiny (ft. Pwadigy)

It’s another episode of the podcast for all things Destiny PvP and Swain, Birds, and Bones are all ready to go with some in-depth discussion and great advice! And also… Bones makes a rap song? But back to the good advice – the guys discuss tournament play, balancing real life with Destiny, and having a […]

Crucible Radio Ep. #5 – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 2.0

BIG NEWS in the world of Destiny this week – Bungie released notes on the coming weapon balances in the 2.0 patch! That’s why Birds, Bones, and Swainstache are going in depth to discuss the future of Crucible. Featuring tunes from the music collective FATGATE 1998!

Crucible Radio Ep. #4 – Rocket League Radio

Hey! It’s the podcast for all things Rocket League! I mean… Destiny PvP. Sorry. Join Birds, Bones, and Swainstache for another discussion on the Crucible – this week, Birds has some good tips on how to play safe, help your team, and get your K/D up where you want it to be. The guys also […]

Crucible Radio Ep. #3 – Embrace the Void

Join Birds, Bones, and Swainstache for another discussion about Destiny’s Crucible. This week the guys discuss Black Shield, Voidwalkers, and the ever-evolving “metagame”. Plus, Inclement’s Warn Out Pen joins the discussion to talk sniping and clans!