29: The Three Wise Men Who Stare at Goats

Aloha! Good going guys, the holiday season is upon us! As the snow jingles down from heaven-on-high you just have to thank God don’t you? Jing jing jing! Jing jing jing! Simple-minded holiday tricks go bou-bou-bounding through the snow! Look at that snowman! He’s smoking a corncob pipe! He’s doing French inhales up his pointy […]

28: Act I – Scene 1 – Verse 1

Aloha! There’s a lot you could say about episode 28 and even more that you couldn’t. Let’s start with the Basics: Adam, Johnny, Evan, Anthony are on it. Let’s get a little more Journeyman: percent of this episode spent telling the truth? A LOW PERCENT. Here’s something Advanced: ONE of us is using a different […]