30: Pizza Club

Aloha! This is a recording of the proceedings of the first ever meeting of Pizza Club on Jan. 14, 2016, to be referenced by the Scribe to create a summary which will be read on the Senate floor after the Honors and before the news at the next meeting. Aloha!

1 comment to 30: Pizza Club

  • Teddy Filkin

    Can I be consul of the Florida Shrimp chapter of Pizza Club? Maybe that’s a very early thing to ask of you all, and I don’t mean to rush you, but I want to know if I can head a chapter of Pizza Club here in Central Florida. Of course we will be a vassal of the Chicago Style Pizza Club and 76% of our treasury fund at the end of each episode WILL go to the lord Pizza Club, but I will head this Pizza Club in Florida. You both will be my superiors though, of course. Please get back to me about this, I have a mob to appease.

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