A History of Rock and Roll

by Adam Bosarge

Kids these days may never seem to realize,,, but Rock n Roll is a stepping stone in music history. And like all stepping stones, you must be careful or else you’ll get wet.

Summer Loving

It’s been a few months since we’ve posted anything here.

That’s gotta be a bummer, if you were hoping for this to be a lovable site.

But we’re gonna save it. It’s summer now. It’s time to trim the fat and figure out what we’re actually doing here.

We don’t have any content right now, but I wanna say, our friends Adam and Spencer have teamed up with Rajiv and Brennan to make a new band Half Milk, and they are on a tour, and if you are in the midwest maybe you should see them.

Check them out at halfmilk.bandcamp.com



New Posts? Updates? Does this rock? Cool Things?

Hello fans,

Hello friends,

You may be wondering where to go for new posts from us Hula Garbage dudes. Also, you may be curious, where are new posts? Are they happening? Aren’t all those dudes kinda busy with school right now? Don’t give up there’s more!

Zach Randolph: Will he play basketball ever again?

Grizzlies coaches are suspicious as Zach Randolph goes into his MRI if he’ll ever be in playing shape again.

 Once a pretty good player, thanks to his MCL tear, Coach Lionel Hollins expressed his doubt if he will ever be allowed to play for the NBA again.
“I love Z-Bo, but his knee. It looks really really bad. It’s swollen, and bruised and feels kinda floppy. I don’t know if we still have a place for him on the Grizzlies.”
The Grizzlies staff are reportedly in talks with Dallas to make a trade for Star Up and coming center Ian Mahinmi. Hollins had this to say about him:
“Mahinmi is really fucking great! He is super friendly too. Now I’d love to have him on Memphis’ roster. It’s gonna be great.”
Yahoo said:
“Though the Grizzlies announced Randolph is expected to be out eight weeks from the time of his injury, Hollins said he doesn’t expect his star forward back this season. Even if Randolph does return, it could be difficult to reincorporate him after such a long layoff.”
If I was a fantasy coach I would get rid of Z-bo way fast, and pick up Mahinmi. Even if it risked a star player. In a few years, we won’t remember Kevin Durant, or Dwight Howard, but we will remember the name Ian Mahinmi.

Will we see Ian in blue?



Where’s a Good Place To Get A Sandwich

Vine Ripe gets the Vibe Right

Listen. Today I went to Steak and Shake, a famous restaurant. And we all decided, y’know what let’s try out the Pepperjack Melt. I ordered it, and went “hmmmm… this could get really good!”. Then it came.
The first thing I thought was, “whoa, look at that, there’s a special cup with extra Jalapeños! Perfect!” Then I just put the peppers on top of the sourdough bread, and then decided, wait! bad idea, but put the peppers inside so they don’t fall out! This is where the sandwich really came in droves. As I lifted the upper slice of bread, I was -get this- astonished to see that the mayo holds on the lettuce to the top bun, allowing you to just lift up the bun with little to no mess! If you’ve ever tried to add something to a grilled cheese, you know how hard it is to open it, and I am often worried that melts will have this property as well. But this was fine. I then took my first bite! Wow! A+ I love that tomato! It’s vine-ripened! I Love IT! Listen McDonalds. Steak and Shake is coming in the running, because I’m loving this sandwich, especially the tomato. Wow! Wow! Wow!
There is a negative though. According to my after dinner research, this sandwich has 140% your daily value of Fat. And they don’t even tell you. C’mon Steakers! Let us know when your sandwich is so chubby. But I can’t stay Mad! YUM!

20 stars.

Don’t give up there’s more!

Just You Wait!

Soon we will be starting a brand new, not even out yet podcast, and this page will be the source of all of those days. Not to mention at least one other brand new not even out yet podcast that we’re sure to mention here sometimes. But until then, take a listen to our old podcast, Pens and Things!

50.5 total hours of conversation, enough to tide any personality over until the new and, trust me, much higher quality podcasts. I can tell you that they will probably start one in April, one in May. I can.

Welcome to Hulagarbage

It may be hard for all of you to arrive at your favorite website and find that it is weird and lame looking and boring.

It was probably way worse when none of it was working at all.

It is probably just disappointing, since this is probably not your favorite website and you just wanted to support your cool friends, and this is soooo unprofessional.

But it’s a new dawn. I really hope I get on my game and this website gets really good!