Wyld Katz Update

It’s been a while since we actually updated you on what Wyld Katz has done, but it’s been a lot! 10 albums and a single in fact! Check out the bandcamp to reach all of it.
Here I’ll share an embed of the Pokémon album which is a special one for sure.

We made an album for all 151 of the original Pokémon, it’s over 13 hours long, and can really rock.

Episode 35: I’ve Been Living in the Past

Adam and Charlie present The Show from a live studio audience, and some of the people are total goofs. Do you like them?

Episode 21: Justin Timberlake has a Myspace

Adam and Charlie get out of the clubhouse and meet David and Tim. The guys talk all about internets, sodas, and they hear from friend of the show and the cast Mitch!
If you’re into everything, this will be great for you.

Double Dose — Prom King & Dry Bonez

This is it! Here! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  Double Dose


The newest Wyld Katz album, VACATION is here. Along with the finished version of Dearest Pen Pal. It’s going to be really fun to listen to this album by yourself or with your friends. It features some new musicians. This is Wyld Katz rock album. If you’ve ever thought Wyld Katz needs to be more guitar driven, this is for you.

It’s a special gift for a birthday boy.

Also, check out the other albums. If you don’t know, Wyld Katz is a band started by Spencer and Charlie, where we come up with concept albums, and tracklists, and then improvise all the songs on the album. So that means there are some bummers. That means there are some mistakes. That means there are some buzzes and recording mishaps. But there’s also some gold.

LIke it or love it, whatever.

No Sleeves

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>No Sleeves<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

THE Summer Jam, and possibly the new national anthem.

Prom King and Dry Bonez rap about what makes our country great, and why the 4th of July is the most bangin’ holiday of the year.


Listen Everyone and listen up.

It’s done.

Side 2 of Wyld Katz double album War was released in the meek hours of the morning. I think you can find something you like here.

The first side was recorded with Charlie Adam Spencer Tim and Lee, but the second half was just Charlie Adam and Spencer. Side 1 ends with Green Hum of Bugles to get an idea too.

LIke it or love it, whatever.





We played Skyrim til like 3am, then realized we had to accomplish something else so that the night couldn’t be considered an absolute waste. Trevor Charlie and Mitch make a rap song. Trver, Elm Hertz and Hyphy Bonez are on that rap song.

H.A.M. — Hungry as a Motha*****

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Lee, Mitch, Trver, and Charlie all sat down to enjoy a nice Christmas dinner. Halfway through, whilst consuming the delectable pink ham and assorted side dishes of equal taste epicosity, they realized that it was awesome! And they were like, “It’s only fitting if we do a rap song about it, and use Kanye/Jay-Z’s song about HAM but make it actually about HAM!” All four of them said that in unison.

Spencer LaBute’s Songs for the Insane

The Man HIMSELF says: “do you like to listening to white noise, spoken word, tv/radio commercials, shoegaze, beeping noises, feedback, and/or solo acoustic bass played through computerized fuzz pedals? can’t seem to find a place to get your fix of all those at the same time? well, look no further! check out the stuff i’ve made for you to listen to and download, ALL FOR FREE! if you like it, listen to it whenever you want, and if you don’t, never listen to it again!”

This is the Bandcamp!

Check It!