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Hawaiian Feeling

Aloha! Adam Bosarge, Johnny Fabrizio, Evan Loritsch, and Anthony Sanders are straight-up chatters moving mountains with words. The natural world shrinks in fear. If you like laughing but can’t figure out what to laugh at or with, you can’t afford not to listen. Aloha!

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Trust Us

When Charlie and Mitch moved to L.A. and started taking improv classes, they started a whole new podcast with all the best parts of Pilot Season, and RMG the podcast. This show helps you out with your terrible problems by giving you advice and talking to crazier characters than you for their input. The first season came to a close with a nuts birthday party, and you’re next! The second season is a holiday extravaganza featuring dozens of funny improvisors!

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Retired Hula Garbage Productions

Pilot Season

Pilot Season was hosted by Adam and Charlie. This podcast lasted a few weeks longer than a year, and all the episodes together last slightly longer than 100 hours. As a finale, Adam, Charlie, Tim, and Spencer were joined by other friends for Tolstoy’s Universe Tolstoy Would Be Happy Here, a famous 27-hour podcast marathon, which is the most recent 14 episodes of this show on the feed. Check out the other 54 episodes as well, there’s a lot of good ones.

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RMG The Podcast

RMG The Podcast was a really fun show, hosted by classic dudes Mitch and Ryan. They bring a crazy Rocky Mountain twist on the classic podcast format. If you’ve ever wondered what low oxygen content in the air makes people talk like, check out this!

These dudes talk about all sorts of things. The first episode talks about both poop and sports! Like the TV show The League, there’s some good football jokes, but like there’s also soooo many normal people jokes too, so if you are a classic podcast nerd, you could still love this stuff. Enjoy!

Pens And Things

Last, but really first, is the podcast that started it all. Pens and Things. Adam, Charlie, Trevor, and Mac started Pens and Things in 2008 when they were juniors and sophomores in High School. There’s over 30 episodes, and over 50 hours (2 days) of podcasts, and some of it is really audible and doesn’t sound that bad. If you are bored and don’t know what else to do, this isn’t a bad place to start if you wanna hear cute kids, or a couple precociously good jokes.

33⅓: Face the Music edition

Aloha! On the latest edition of Hawaii: 33⅓-0 we take an inside look at the legendary recording sessions of this episode of Hawaiian Feeling! You’ve heard the podcast. You’ve heard the stories. Now you can finally hear the truth. We were given unprecedented access to the recording process of Hawaiian Feeling and the guys themselves and have returned with over 90 minutes of (almost) unedited RAW TAPE, just for you! Aloha!

32: The Chill Pill Alliance

Aloha! Sometimes you have to party to podcast… Johnny’s not here for this one because he got a Bulls ticket. But don’t worry because while you can’t really RECORD a podcast at a Bulls game (though we did ask Johnny to) you CAN LISTEN to a podcast a Bulls game! I’m looking at you, Phil Jackson!!! “Don’t let me catch the referee recording a podcast at half-time.” Legal parties on drugs. Hawaiian Feline in effect. Aloha!

30: Pizza Club

Aloha! This is a recording of the proceedings of the first ever meeting of Pizza Club on Jan. 14, 2016, to be referenced by the Scribe to create a summary which will be read on the Senate floor after the Honors and before the news at the next meeting. Aloha!

29: The Three Wise Men Who Stare at Goats

Aloha! Good going guys, the holiday season is upon us! As the snow jingles down from heaven-on-high you just have to thank God don’t you? Jing jing jing! Jing jing jing! Simple-minded holiday tricks go bou-bou-bounding through the snow! Look at that snowman! He’s smoking a corncob pipe! He’s doing French inhales up his pointy orange carrot nose! He’s cool! He drives old cars, of which he owns a lot! He used to host the Tonight Show! And then at the end is the Wyld Katz song Remember When… from the album Peace. OK bedtime. Aloha!

27: Have a Ton of Time

Aloha! Time for a ton of little moments, all in a row. What are you thankful for? Yeah, whatever, “Columbus,” right? This was recorded in the summer though so we don’t mention thanksgiving. But the next episode was recorded like actually pretty close to when it will be released. Also, how are Thursdays for release days? Bad? Good? Hm. Aloha.

26: Feline Renaissant

Aloha! At long last,,,, the Renaissance Faire episode. How are you feline? Are you feline renaissant? Yeeeaaah. Recorded over a month ago so if you want to hear cicadas and miss summer this is the perfect opportunity. Alternately, you could make a game on Animal Crossing and constantly set back the clock and relive the dog days over and over, catching bugs and throwing weird carpets and unidentified fossils all over town square. Only this time the sun never sets. You could even just get a ROM. Aloha! Don’t forget that ‘ohana’ means ‘family.’

Crucible Radio Ep. #4 – Rocket League Radio

Hey! It’s the podcast for all things Rocket League! I mean… Destiny PvP. Sorry. Join Birds, Bones, and Swainstache for another discussion on the Crucible – this week, Birds has some good tips on how to play safe, help your team, and get your K/D up where you want it to be. The guys also discuss Sweaties, the Burning Shrine, and bring Inclement’s Invicta in for an interview! He’s got some good tips on how to rek as a shotgunner.

Crucible Radio Ep. #2

Welcome back to Crucible Radio, the podcast for all things Destiny PvP! This week Bones, Birds, and Swainstache discuss some hot BUTTON issues – like alternate button layouts! See what we did there? The guys also virtually sit down with Mtashed from Crucible School and discuss snipers, Skirmish, and staying alive. This week’s episode features some dope tunes from the music collective FatGate1998! You can check out the Crucible School on YouTube, here: https://www.youtube.com/user/MTashed

Crucible Radio Ep. #1

It’s the podcast for all things Destiny PvP! Bones, Birds, and Swainstache kick off the first “official” episode, and discuss some of the biggest things in the Crucible right now. There’s a lot to discuss with Trials maps and strategies, as well as the new information on “The Taken King” expansion. Plus, Birds interviews blink-shotty extraordinaire, Texas Prod!

Crucible Radio – Pilot

Welcome to the first episode of Crucible Radio! Inspired by Destiny and the subreddit r/CruciblePlaybook, Crucible Radio brings you guides, discussions, meta-game analysis, strategies, loadouts and more all in one place! Tune in to develop and enhance your skill, expand your arsenal, and get the most out of Destiny’s PvP content.