23f: Orion Flying

Aloha! Hmmmm oh yeah Head’s Up! Your daily dose of morning news and culture! Aloha!

23e: Orion Flying

Aloha! Have you seen the Matrix? Test your fandom!!!! Aloha!

23d: Orion Flying

Aloha! Gen’s grave mistake. Aloha!

23c: Orion Flying

Aloha! Where we came from, where we are. From the oceans, to the stars. #MarsBy2030s Aloha!

23b: Orion Flying

Aloha! What’s the story, Maury? Aloha!

23: Orion Flying

Aloha! Game of Thrones is back on. Nice grave, Ev. Aloha!

22: Our School, Hawaii

Aloha! Do you ever wish you could go back? Do things over, and, this time, rightly? Wish no more, HF is your high school now. Aloha!

21: Heads Up!

Aloha! Your daily dose of morning news and culture. Aloha!

20: Or a Oreo

Aloha! Mak lov not war,,, got it?? Uh it’s all four of us and we do it up there’s really nothing weird about that… Mak lov 2 a tar pit… Aloha…

19: Boys Cruise (No Shoes)

Aloha! Johnny and Evan couldn’t do this one so me and Anthony decided to try something special. We drive around and get into it, always always always aloha. Aloha!