Crucible Radio Ep. #6 – Bones Thugs & Destiny (ft. Pwadigy)

It’s another episode of the podcast for all things Destiny PvP and Swain, Birds, and Bones are all ready to go with some in-depth discussion and great advice! And also… Bones makes a rap song? But back to the good advice – the guys discuss tournament play, balancing real life with Destiny, and having a little fun with No Land Beyond and fusion rifles. Pwadigy the Oddity shows up to discuss the numbers game and fine tuning your sniping strategies. This week’s episode features funky beats from Cabin Games!

Crucible Radio Ep. #5 – How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 2.0

BIG NEWS in the world of Destiny this week – Bungie released notes on the coming weapon balances in the 2.0 patch! That’s why Birds, Bones, and Swainstache are going in depth to discuss the future of Crucible. Featuring tunes from the music collective FATGATE 1998!

Crucible Radio Ep. #4 – Rocket League Radio

Hey! It’s the podcast for all things Rocket League! I mean… Destiny PvP. Sorry. Join Birds, Bones, and Swainstache for another discussion on the Crucible – this week, Birds has some good tips on how to play safe, help your team, and get your K/D up where you want it to be. The guys also discuss Sweaties, the Burning Shrine, and bring Inclement’s Invicta in for an interview! He’s got some good tips on how to rek as a shotgunner.

Crucible Radio Ep. #3 – Embrace the Void

Join Birds, Bones, and Swainstache for another discussion about Destiny’s Crucible. This week the guys discuss Black Shield, Voidwalkers, and the ever-evolving “metagame”. Plus, Inclement’s Warn Out Pen joins the discussion to talk sniping and clans!

Crucible Radio Ep. #2

Welcome back to Crucible Radio, the podcast for all things Destiny PvP! This week Bones, Birds, and Swainstache discuss some hot BUTTON issues – like alternate button layouts! See what we did there? The guys also virtually sit down with Mtashed from Crucible School and discuss snipers, Skirmish, and staying alive. This week’s episode features some dope tunes from the music collective FatGate1998! You can check out the Crucible School on YouTube, here:

Crucible Radio Ep. #1

It’s the podcast for all things Destiny PvP! Bones, Birds, and Swainstache kick off the first “official” episode, and discuss some of the biggest things in the Crucible right now. There’s a lot to discuss with Trials maps and strategies, as well as the new information on “The Taken King” expansion. Plus, Birds interviews blink-shotty extraordinaire, Texas Prod!

Crucible Radio – Pilot

Welcome to the first episode of Crucible Radio! Inspired by Destiny and the subreddit r/CruciblePlaybook, Crucible Radio brings you guides, discussions, meta-game analysis, strategies, loadouts and more all in one place! Tune in to develop and enhance your skill, expand your arsenal, and get the most out of Destiny’s PvP content.

Wyld Katz Update

It’s been a while since we actually updated you on what Wyld Katz has done, but it’s been a lot! 10 albums and a single in fact! Check out the bandcamp to reach all of it.
Here I’ll share an embed of the Pokémon album which is a special one for sure.

We made an album for all 151 of the original Pokémon, it’s over 13 hours long, and can really rock.

RMG The Podcast

RMG The Podcast was a really fun show, hosted by classic dudes Mitch and Ryan. They bring a crazy Rocky Mountain twist on the classic podcast format. If you’ve ever wondered what low oxygen content in the air makes people talk like, check out this!

These dudes talk about all sorts of things. The first episode talks about both poop and sports! Like the TV show The League, there’s some good football jokes, but like there’s also soooo many normal people jokes too, so if you are a classic podcast nerd, you could still love this stuff. Enjoy!

Hawaiian Feeling

Aloha! Adam Bosarge, Johnny Fabrizio, Evan Loritsch, and Anthony Sanders are straight-up chatters moving mountains with words. The natural world shrinks in fear. If you like laughing but can’t figure out what to laugh at or with, you can’t afford not to listen. Aloha!

Check it out by clicking on the logo!