Pilot Season

Pilot Season was hosted by Adam and Charlie. This podcast lasted a few weeks longer than a year, and all the episodes together last slightly longer than 100 hours. As a finale, Adam, Charlie, Tim, and Spencer were joined by other friends for Tolstoy’s Universe Tolstoy Would Be Happy Here, a famous 27-hour podcast marathon, which is the most recent 14 episodes of this show on the feed. Check out the other 54 episodes as well, there’s a lot of good ones.

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25: It’s Funny Because I’m Blind

Aloha! Evan has been suspended, he was caught on the news saying swears. Adam, Johnny, and Anthony keep the show (must go on) going. Normal episode, big stinky beefy belly-laughs. If you think this is all a game what is wrong with you? Aloha?

24: When I Got Punched

Aloha! POW! Hope ya fight, ya freak. In preparation for the ultimately disappointing fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao we talked about fights. At least, it makes sense to me that that’s why we would have started talking about it. I dunno, I don’t remember, check out the episode. Mother didn’t need to be so high. Aloha!

23g: Orion Flying

Aloha! Wake up… This concludes our experiment on you. You may find transitioning back into normal life… Difficult. Aloha!

23f: Orion Flying

Aloha! Hmmmm oh yeah Head’s Up! Your daily dose of morning news and culture! Aloha!

23e: Orion Flying

Aloha! Have you seen the Matrix? Test your fandom!!!! Aloha!

23d: Orion Flying

Aloha! Gen’s grave mistake. Aloha!

23c: Orion Flying

Aloha! Where we came from, where we are. From the oceans, to the stars. #MarsBy2030s Aloha!

23b: Orion Flying

Aloha! What’s the story, Maury? Aloha!

23: Orion Flying

Aloha! Game of Thrones is back on. Nice grave, Ev. Aloha!