24: When I Got Punched

Aloha! POW! Hope ya fight, ya freak. In preparation for the ultimately disappointing fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao we talked about fights. At least, it makes sense to me that that’s why we would have started talking about it. I dunno, I don’t remember, check out the episode. Mother didn’t need to be so high. […]

23: Orion Flying

Aloha! Game of Thrones is back on. Nice grave, Ev. Aloha!


17: Rose-Colored Glasses

Aloha, if I do say so myself! Can words change the world? A word can be as big as a mountain or small as a puff. Poof. Aloha!


14: The Ambiguous Pizza Party

Aloha! Don’t talk to me about politics, talk to me about pizza toppings!!!!!!!!!!!! Aloha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


12: On Gents

Aloha! Four gents you know as hosts of the show, holders of mics, speak willingly and currently. You can hear it! It’s here, it’s twelve. No guests dare intrude on this, our most current discussion. Glories are praised and evils are cursed. You could say this is the episode where we become “men.” Try listening […]

11: Beautiful and Cool

Aloha! We made another episode, and it’s episode eleven. We tried once to do episode eleven, and it proved to be a difficult foe. I included a clip of the first try at the end, love it or leave it. Adam, Johnny, Anthony, Molly and Clare talk shit and stop being friends and eventually restart […]

10: Ten

Aloha! A very special TENTH episode of Hawaiian Feeling in which the regular crew are joined by no guests. I hope you’ve listened to Robin Thicke’s “Paula” or at least are interested because we talk a lot about it. We also answer listener questions and probably say tons of dumb stuff. Aloha!


9: Whirl or Wave?

Aloha! Sorry we missed a week, shouldn’t happen again. We’re back in full force though! Only Evan had a flat bike tire and couldn’t make it but Spencer LaBute was there so, like, full force. We argue heatedly about a confusing listener question and discuss funk and many other things. If you listened to the […]

8: SwaAq

Aloha! The whole gang is back, joined by Warren Franklin. Do you liiiiiiiike us? Are you cuuuuuuuuute? Aloha!


7: Texas Comes to Mind

Aloha! Duo men Adam and Anthony speak. Musicals aren’t off-limits, I can tell you that. Enjoy everything in life, but enjoy Hawaiian Feeling the most. Aloha!