3: Our Solemn Promise

Brockdown Zsazsamazsanazsa and Charlie O’Hara join us and we talk about things like, wow, bad purchases, and, holy cow, skateboarding, and, no way, Million Dollar Arm, and, as if, non-televised Grammies. Big oops this one’s a day late, episode 4 will be back on schedule out Monday the 9th. Thanks for listening! Tell your friends/alderman!


Episode 49: Womholes

On this episode, Adam and Charlie hash it out while they chomp some cereal. Movies, Podcasts, chilling, it all gets the sharp end of the knife this week!


Episode 30: Chillin with Charlie

On this episode, everyone is gone but Charlie, so I chill.


Episode 27: That’s Actually Emotion That You’re Seeing

Adam and I are here with Spencer and go to a special world, Up North@! The sun is there and so is candy! yes it is real and it is good