TUTWBHH 4: Gorfla

On this episode of the 27-hour podcast marathon, Adam, Tim, and Charlie get to talk to their friend Al while he makes Al’s Chili. Then we hear some news about hot dogs. Plus the noble return of Tips That Scientists Hate. Also I think Hell on Earth.


Episode 43: There’s a Rusty One and I Licked It

Tim finally shows up again and Adam Charlie Spencer and him talk about all sorts of stuff. Eventually we get to the nuts news and then get super hype and super fancy. Have you ever wanted to be fancy? This show will teach you how to be kinda fancy.


Episode 26: First Class Coach

On this madhouse episode of one of our favorite show, Adam and Charlie talk to Mitch and Lee and Kevin about the judicial branch and some other nuts stuff. Wanna find out where in the world our kids are?


Episode 11: Location Location Vacation

Pilot Season Logo

On the recentest episode of Pilot Season, Adam and Charlie explore the people they live with, and the up and coming candle making industry. It’s one of the Skeeviest episodes of Pilot Season, but it’s OK!


Episode 7: Tips that Scientists Hate!

On this episode we face the facts and try to figure out what tips scientists love and which one’s scientists hate! We also take on most of the big issues.