TUTWBHH 2: You’re Ridiculing Me, My Penis, and My Friends


On the second chunk of Tolstoy’s Universe, Tolstoy Would Be Happy Here, Adam, Charlie, Tim, Spencer and Mitch discuss memorable faps, spooky apps, and goofy caps. This episode also features the second segment of the hit drama Dark, Darkest Darker, where some nuts stuff is revealed about Royce. Plus, Tim talks about Radio!


Episode 54: This Is A Tee

On this very special episode, we play a special game show. 6 people enter the Pilot Season ring, and by the end all are eliminated except for one! Who survives? Adam? Charlie? Spencer? Trver? Mitch? Tim? No one knows! Good luck listeners, I hope you fare better than we did!


Episode 52: My Body’s Incorrect

On the first episode of the second year of Pilot Season, Adam and Charlie bring the show back to its classic roots of two friends talking about too many things in too short a time! Hopefully you love it.


Episode 50: This is a Ton of Gigs of Loops

On the special fiftiest episode, Adam Charlie and Spencer get really serious with really cool vibes. A zen lifestyle will make you feel a lot better if you are stressed or kind of wild so give it a shot if you have the time, it’s shouts out to you and your children here from the […]

Episode 42: Jackro Tull

On this eppy, Adam, Spencer and Charlie talk about what the future really means for them and the listeners. Also Adam shows everyone a really cool New Yorker interview. Plus we put it all out to Jackie Robinson. Shouts out to everyone!


Episode 27: That’s Actually Emotion That You’re Seeing

Adam and I are here with Spencer and go to a special world, Up North@! The sun is there and so is candy! yes it is real and it is good


Episode 22: Modern Profits

Charlie and Adam have David back, and the chat gets a little crazy. Adam has to lay down some moderation this morning. Mitch pops by, and so does spencer. And there’s some more expert testimony. Also, debates are had about all the artforms pretty much.


Episode 8: Adamsode

Pilot Season Logo

Charlie and Adam hang out together and talk about all the weird news in the world! It’s a fun time and you’ll love it and I promise that!