17: Rose-Colored Glasses

Aloha, if I do say so myself! Can words change the world? A word can be as big as a mountain or small as a puff. Poof. Aloha!


4: New York School

Aloha! Evan is gone. We can all finally breathe easy. We miss him and do a podcast anyway because we have to and, yeah, we chew the fat. No word was spared from out mouths in our long discussion of movies. Don’t love movies? Stick. It. Out. Listen ’til you love it. Aloha!


3: Our Solemn Promise

Brockdown Zsazsamazsanazsa and Charlie O’Hara join us and we talk about things like, wow, bad purchases, and, holy cow, skateboarding, and, no way, Million Dollar Arm, and, as if, non-televised Grammies. Big oops this one’s a day late, episode 4 will be back on schedule out Monday the 9th. Thanks for listening! Tell your friends/alderman!


2: Our Kingdom Hawaii

Adam, Johnny, Evan, and Anthony welcome guest Matt and eventually guest Clare to a word whirlwind. It turns out that Matt worked on a video game people like I (Adam) love and it turns out Clare likes to hang out. Don’t forget the tissues, you will weep. Also, I got Android: Netrunner, Matt.


Episode 24: Largest Known Creature

Adam’s out for the week, but some cool dudes like Mac, Trevor, Mitch and Kevin come back to talk to Charlie about the new year. Everybody makes some guesses.


Episode 8: Adamsode

Pilot Season Logo

Charlie and Adam hang out together and talk about all the weird news in the world! It’s a fun time and you’ll love it and I promise that!


Episode 6: Doggis vs. Mules

Pilot Season Logo

This episode sure is a rush. We start it and end it in record time, because uh oh look at that, Charlie’s on vacation! Enjoy though. You guys deserve it.


Episode 2: Tim!

Episode 2 of Pilot Season is here! Enjoy it please!

Tim loves to be on the podcast, and here’s some great news, we are all soooo tired. Hit us up at us@hulagarbage.com with good new ideas! Thanks!

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Just You Wait!

Soon we will be starting a brand new, not even out yet podcast, and this page will be the source of all of those days. Not to mention at least one other brand new not even out yet podcast that we’re sure to mention here sometimes. But until then, take a listen to our old […]