2.05: RMG Hits the Gym

Mitch, Ryan, and the boys at RMG discuss all the fun weirdos you can see at the gym, and Danny Love talks to a girl!

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2.03: Beats by RMG

Everyone has headphones now! Mitch and Ryan talk about some classic pranks with Travis and Danny Love, then do some improv with returning guest Melanie Rose! Roman numerals, Razor scooters, pocketfuls of pennies, and more!

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Season 2: RMG in Two-Oh-One-Three

The Colorado boys are back and crazier than ever! It’s a brand new year, so to kick off Season 2, Mitch, Ryan, Danny Love, and Travis think back on fun times, imagine some fun times ahead, and play some hilarious games! New season — same great taste.




RMG 7: The Trick-or-Podcast

Mitch and Ryan over at RMG decided they would pass on the candy in order to do a special Halloween episode! There are some crazy new guests on this one, and everyone has a fun time despite being frightened.

Halloween dubstep! Corn Mazes! Wienerschnitzel! Frostbite! BOO!


Respect Me, Girl! The Podcast

Guess what, RMG The Podcast is now on iTunes! How neat is that?

In Episode 3 we have a real-life girl on, and her name is Melanie Rose Yagelski. Her last name is ugly so don’t talk about it. Our buddy Travis Smith shows up, so I guess he’s a guest, but it was sort […]

RMG The Podcast! Episode 2: The Broadcast

Mitch and Ryan are on a roll! Episode 2 is tons of fun — we try out some new segments, including a final segment that isn’t the last segment. We have a great friend along for the ride, and talk about how bad he is with women. Some things just don’t go the way you […]