Episode 43: There’s a Rusty One and I Licked It

Tim finally shows up again and Adam Charlie Spencer and him talk about all sorts of stuff. Eventually we get to the nuts news and then get super hype and super fancy. Have you ever wanted to be fancy? This show will teach you how to be kinda fancy.


Episode 21: Justin Timberlake has a Myspace

Adam and Charlie get out of the clubhouse and meet David and Tim. The guys talk all about internets, sodas, and they hear from friend of the show and the cast Mitch! If you’re into everything, this will be great for you.


Episode 2: Tim!

Episode 2 of Pilot Season is here! Enjoy it please!

Tim loves to be on the podcast, and here’s some great news, we are all soooo tired. Hit us up at us@hulagarbage.com with good new ideas! Thanks!

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