11: Beautiful and Cool

Aloha! We made another episode, and it’s episode eleven. We tried once to do episode eleven, and it proved to be a difficult foe. I included a clip of the first try at the end, love it or leave it. Adam, Johnny, Anthony, Molly and Clare talk shit and stop being friends and eventually restart […]

TUTWBHH 2: You’re Ridiculing Me, My Penis, and My Friends


On the second chunk of Tolstoy’s Universe, Tolstoy Would Be Happy Here, Adam, Charlie, Tim, Spencer and Mitch discuss memorable faps, spooky apps, and goofy caps. This episode also features the second segment of the hit drama Dark, Darkest Darker, where some nuts stuff is revealed about Royce. Plus, Tim talks about Radio!


Where’s a Good Place To Get A Sandwich

Vine Ripe gets the Vibe Right

Listen. Today I went to Steak and Shake, a famous restaurant. And we all decided, y’know what let’s try out the Pepperjack Melt. I ordered it, and went “hmmmm… this could get really good!”. Then it came. The first thing I thought was, “whoa, look at that, there’s a […]